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I am a psychologist and have been working since 2013. I have five years  training in psychology I have a Honours in psychology from Banaras Hindu University and a master’s degree in applied psychology with specialisation in clinical psychology from University of Delhi. I have worked in United Kingdom with individuals with Cerebral palsy and also have experience of providing peak performance training to Olympians and elite athletes. I am also experienced in working with college going young adults.

I largely work with adult population in areas of depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, adjustment to new life situations and self-improvement. I also provide support and mental skills training to sports persons, fitness enthusiasts and high performance teams to reach their potential and peak performance.  My training, experience and therapy approach  helps me form holistic interventions which help the client's reach their desired goals.

 I work with my clients towards goals of self-improvement and general well-being by empowering them with psychological tools that improve their mental health and help them lead a more fulfilling life. I use Cognitive behaviour therapy as it is helpful in challenging unhelpful thought patterns and improving self-understanding. I enjoy being a psychologist as it very fulfilling to see people become the best versions of themselves who are constantly improving.

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