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Seeing a Psychologist after Breakup

After being with someone for a long duration or even a short one an emotional bond is formed and when it is broken it might be difficult to cope with this loss of relationship and connection. Often people come to my office after a breakup and say that they want to be the same as they were before this relationship and they don’t feel like their old self.

Some people experience intense overwhelming emotions and thoughts which may hinder their daily lives and impact their day-to-day work, chores and sometimes even health. It might be due to a number of reasons like, duration of relationship, nature of the termination of relationship, the commitment to the relationship, infidelity etc.

It might benefit you to consult a mental health professional if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed to an extent that it starts interfering with your daily life (social, personal and professional).

What can a mental health professional help with?

Ventilation/ catharsis: They can be an unbiased and supportive person who will listen to your feelings and thoughts without judgement.

Coping strategies: provide you easy strategies to cope with the low mood state that you find yourself in.

Managing thoughts and emotions: if adjustment disorder criteria are met you may need help with overcoming the repetitive and worrying thoughts, coping with thoughts of the consequences, future and the past.

Analysis: overcoming feelings of guilt and self-blame or feelings of resentment.

Safety: in some cases, overcoming the thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

Rediscovering self: exploring values, learning to live our daily life according to our strengths and values. Moving towards a self that we knew before the relationship and using the new knowledge and growth to lead a fulfilling life.

It is important to remember that not everyone needs support from a mental health professional after a breakup because there are many factors which may make it more painful and overwhelming for some to cope with this change in their lives.

It is okay if you need support from someone, if you find yourself avoiding social situations or if your friends and loved ones are expressing worry about your wellbeing consult a mental health professional.


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